The Paisley Shirt Guy

I discovered something about myself recently; I own way too many paisley shirts.  The more I thought about it, the more the reasoning behind my plethora of paisley turned into an allegory for who I am. 

Paisley prints, at their core, are colorful, funky blobs.  I, Baylor Barnes, am a colorful, funky blob.  I have always led with my creativity.  I was the kid in school who would take the “fun artistic assignments” to a new level.  

Paisley prints look simple at first glance, but when you look at them harder, you see how much detail go into the colorful, funky blobs.  At the surface I am your “goofy Prince Charming”.  Artistically, I am interested in so much more than that.  

I am a writer, director, improviser, and producer.  I work with Theatre of the Oppressed to give voice to marginalized communities.  I am the co-host of a web-series for the Theatre and Dance department at my university and somehow I haven’t been fired for my colorful, funky blob-ness.

Paisley allegories aside, I am the type of person who lives to brighten other peoples' days.  I thrive when I get to connect with others and can bring out the best in them.  I am a hard worker and put 100% into what I am working on in the moment.  Finally, I am willing and yearning to learn.  There is so much art out there waiting to be explored, and I want to be the blob that creates it, in whatever capacity that may be.